Thursday, August 23, many like-hearted people and children of all shapes, sizes and cultures gathered together in Ethos Gallery, Los Angeles to celebrate the spirit of Oneness embodied by Yuan Miao’s Shakti paintings and sacred hair yantras. Spiritual luminaries, authors, musicians and vocalists, as well as dedicated yoga teachers joined Miao in embracing the Phoenix Rising century and our opportunity to expand in both love and consciousness, right here, right now. So ha! The opening at Ethos Art Gallery was a resounding success — images from last night’s events: Maura Malini Hoffman, C.C. White, Jane Gehr, Susan Daya Hamwi Sunnia, Felicia Tomasko, Yuan Miao, Ganlu Pier   …


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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Miao “returned home” and visited her dear friends, Rev. Dr. Michael Beck­with and his wife Dr. Rickie Byars, co-founders of Agape Inter­na­tional Spir­i­tual Center in Culver City, California. When they first met, they had imme­diate affinity for each other, each recog­nizing the other as a member of Guan Yin’s Divine “team.”  Upon feeling the trans­for­ma­tive power of Miao’s mantric voice, Reverend Michael invited her to host a third Phoenix Rising mantric concert at Agape for the benefit of the local commu­nity. They knew they would even­tu­ally meet again and with Divine timing, collab­o­rate to assist in our collec­tive eleva­tion of consciousness. Join …